Switching to PayFit is quick and easy

Signed up with PayFit and ready to run your first payroll? We will guide you through your first month and be there every step of the way.

Ready to join us?

Our team is available to guide you through your migration and implementation of PayFit


Transfer your data in bulk in no time at all for a smooth transition.


Once all the correct data has been collected, your account will be set up in five days or less.


Our onboarding process is thorough and ensures there are no errors.


One of our payroll experts will be available to guide you throughout the entire process.

How does the PayFit onboarding process work?


Onboarding kick-off

A dedicated account manager will guide you through your transition and implementation of PayFit.

Your contribution

Document delivery

We will provide you with an Excel file to migrate data from your existing provider to PayFit. Some of our software integrations can make it very easy for you.

What PayFit does for you

Setting up your account

An onboarding specialist will help with the data consolidation, account set up and support through your first payroll run with PayFit

What PayFit does for you

Parallel payroll run

We give you full access to your PayFit admin portal and we can also run a parallel payroll if needed with dummy payslips.

Getting you up and running

Personalised training sessions

Receive tips from our in-house payroll specialists and make the most of our intuitive software!

What PayFit does for you

Preparing your payroll

Our team of payroll specialists will guide you through your first payroll.


Ready to manage payroll with PayFit

You run your first payroll on PayFit. Your employees will automatically receive their payslips within their employee portal.