AI for code


About Diffblue

Diffblue was founded in Oxford in 2016 and now counts 50 employees. The company's mission is to change the way software is developed through the use of artificial intelligence. Their product automatically generates tests for Java code to enable development teams to deliver higher quality software, faster.

What were Diffblue's payroll pain points?

Before switching to PayFit, Diffblue used an accountancy firm to run their monthly payroll on their behalf. The whole process was extremely manual and inefficient with a lot of back and forth emails between different people. Overall, the entire process would take over five days to complete.

There were also often mistakes in final calculations and, on top of this, the process of sending out payslips was an excessively manual task. Each month, a member of Diffblue's HR team would have to send each of the company's 50 employees an email containing their payslip.

Why did they decide to switch? 

Diffblue chose to switch payroll provider for a number of different reasons.

First, collating the information for each month's payroll was often a very difficult and drawn-out process. Consequently, they wanted access to a payroll provider with an easy-to-use and cloud-based software to make the whole process faster and more efficient.

They were also looking to find a provider that could offer direct and specialised payroll support. The accountants they were using, while excellent at the accounting side of things, were not necessarily able to provide the answers to all of Diffblue's payroll-related questions.

Equally, they were searching for a solution that could provide them with access to detailed reports and increase their visibility of the entire payroll process.

How did PayFit help? 

PayFit has helped Diffblue reduce the time spent on payroll by 60%. Now instead of spending a week running payroll tasks, Diffblue are able to complete all of their payroll duties in less than two days, all while having a lot more flexibility and visibility over the process. They've also reduced the numbers of errors made.

Through using PayFit's software, Diffblue has been able to update their employees' payslips in real-time. Every single time a change affecting payroll is made, payslips are updated allowing for visibility of the entire payroll process.

Manually sending out payslips to each employee is now a thing of the past for Diffblue. Instead, employees receive an automated email whenever they have been paid and they can then access their payslips in their own secure portal, even after they have left the company. Furthermore, employees have provided great feedback about the payslip design and the way information is clearly displayed.

Another significant change for Diffblue has been the reporting functions within PayFit's software. HR now has access to more reports in real-time and can share the relevant data with their finance team at their will.

Finally, PayFit's customer success team has been very supportive and helped to guide Diffblue throughout the transition. Payroll experts have been flexible, attentive and available to answer questions and provide advice on complex issues.

As an HR professional, and not a payroll specialist, running payroll was often a long and arduous process. However, since switching to PayFit, the time I spend on payroll tasks has reduced significantly. It's reassuring to know that if there's ever a problem I can just get in touch with a member of the customer support team who will be able to guide me throughout the entire process.

Swetha SundaramHead of HR